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We're at our best when we encourage others with our words, with our actions, with our presence.

-Our Daily Bread


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Meet Tania


Tania L. Hernandez is a Jamaican-born Canadian who has dedicated her life to uplifting and inspiring children and adults alike.  Through educating, writing, and performing, Tania continues her pursuit to edify and encourage all to embrace every quality, that makes them truly unique.

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Tania is the proud author of three books, aimed at educating and rising awareness to the importance of supporting children's self-confidence in learning, while lifting spirits with stories, poems, and recipes from her Jamaica-Canadian roots.  Click "Books" to learn more.

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Tania is  certified Orton-Gillingham Multisensory Language Practitioner, teaches English as a Second Language, and is a Behaviour Interventionist.  Her desire is to see that every child receives phonics and phonological awareness instruction, along with core foundational concepts of language. Click "Services" to learn more



Tania has always been an entertainer through song and performance.  Attributing her roots in Jamaica and her passion for singing, she aspires to share light in the form of laughter and joy!  Click "Entertain" to learn more.

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