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"It begins with our thoughts"

-Tania L. Hernandez

One Pot: True Stories from Jamaica & Canada, Recipes, Poems

The most recently published book, One Pot: True Stories from Jamaica & Canadian, Recipes, Poems, is inspired from Tania Hernandez's, lovingly known as Miss Tania Lou, performance of cultural songs, stories, poems, and skits of over 20 years in Canada, at schools and private functions. She has delighted crowds at the Heritage Singers 40th Anniversary Celebration at the Toronto Centre for the Arts; at "Miss Lou's Room" at the Harbourfront Centre in Toronto—a space dedicated to Jamaica's cultural icon, the Right Hon. Dr. Louise Bennett-Coverley; at the farewell ceremony for Jamaican High Commissioner to Ottawa, Her Excellency Janice Miller; and for the Consul General to Toronto, Mr. Lloyd Wilks. In 2019 she performed at "This is Your Festival" in Gage Park, one of Ontario's largest festivals.

Of herself, Tania says, "I provide nostalgia of the good ol' days when there was no TV, or just a black-and-white television. Many people would tell Anancy and other stories in their yard, listen to "Dulcimina," Ranny, and Miss Lou's show on the radio, watch "Ring Ding," go to pantomimes—maintaining a rich, vibrant Jamaican-Caribbean-African heritage whilst they "buss dem belly wid laugh."

"A talented Jamaican/Canadian, who loves our Culture Heritage, and Customs, Tania (aka: Tania Lou) has dedicated herself to the memories and works of my mother, Right Honourable Dr. Louise Bennett-Coverley... You will enjoy, learn, and be amused reading and learning about Jamaica and Canada.  The versatilities we possess, which Tania has brought forth to us in this publication, will transmit the boooonoonoos feeling to you, in both mind, body, and soul.  Sweet, well done.  Blessings.  Walk Good."


Fabian Coverley, B.Th.

Request an autographed copy from Tania L Hernandez by email or call/text:

(289) 442-1857


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What Teachers Are Made Of

The first of Tania's books, What Teachers Are Made of (2015), is inspired by Tania's beliefs in cooperative learning, and using the interests and strengths of her students to write their individualized curriculum.


She writes about the 'edification-education' approach in teaching children and shares her many strategies, including those of other teachers. Tania touches on the various issues that affect children, and encourages teachers to rise to the call and think outside of the box to help each child reach their full potential. Her book has received many favourable reviews, and was featured on her local television station.

Request an autographed copy from Tania L Hernandez by email or call/text:

(289) 442-1857


Paperback | Kindle

"Tania Hernandez has written a book for teachers, parents and all those who care about teaching. Teaching as a calling—teaching in all its forms—is celebrated. Her writing values what lies at the core of teaching and learning—a vibrant reminder to see learners as people."

Lisa Graves MD CCFP FCFP

Associate Professor, University of Toronto

Department of Family and Community Medicine

Alphabet, Vowels, Consonants & Syllables:
Reading Magic!

The second published book, Alphabet, Vowels, Consonants and Syllables Reading Magic!, reflects Tania's passion about seeing every child receive the foundational skills to read effectively, and that is why she created this multisensory, engaging book that uses the Structured Literacy approach to teach children the basics of language.


She is concerned about the 20% of learners that have a reading disability - 85% of which has dyslexia - dysfunction in reading, writing and spelling. By Grade 3 they do not fulfill the learning expectations because there was not early identification and screening of these students, which causes them to be fall behind, and they become frustrated -they have low self-esteem and many have mental health issues. Tania uses emojis to represent the short and long vowel sounds, and the book is very interactive, with visual, auditory, kinesthetic and tactile strategies employed. She gives additional resources for ongoing learning.

Tania's second book has received 4/4 on an international online book review site -, and Tania has been receiving many invitations at the Coles/Indigo stores for book signing.

Request an autographed copy from Tania L Hernandez by email or call/text:

(289) 442-1857



"Tania is a skilled Orton-Gillingham Practitioner. Her knowledge of language and her engaging personality come through in this book. A great resource for parents with kids who find reading challenging, this book will teach your kids about phonics in a fun and engaging way. Tania has helped my child using this approach and now parents have an easy-to-follow book they can use at home!"


Linda Scarangella McNenly, PhD (Researcher, Educator, Anthropologist)

Books from Tania L. Hernandez

Books from Tania L. Hernandez

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